Price Increase Notification Effective 10/3/23

Dear Valued Customers,

Since 2021, we have maintained prices of the main dishes for the past 2 years.

Cost of ingredients and everything else have continually increased, and we have implemented all the possible cost-cutting measures. However, we opted to maintain the quality of the ingredients as cutting corners is not our way of doing business.

All things considered, it is necessary for us to increase the prices of the main dishes and frozen sauces by $1 beginning 10/3/23.

We appreciate your understanding of this change and continued support.

Thank You.

Chicken Cutlet with Kalé® Rice

Now serving Handmade Chicken Cutlet, add $5 to any Kalé® Rice or Doria for a limited time only. It is handmade and baked for your health!

  • Our products are now available at Seattle Uwajimaya
  • “Kalé® Rice Original@Home” is now available at University Market in Smith Memorial Student Union beginning 4/8 in “microwave-to-eat” style”
  • Now vegan & gluten and other major allergen free options available

Why Should You Eat Kalé® Rice?

At Kalé®, we serve the dish that has been the ultimate comfort food to Japanese for over a century.

On average, a Japanese person is likely to eat the dish 84 times a year; undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular food in Japan. Savory, and similar to a stew consisting of meat, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and many other vegetables, locals enjoy it over Japanese rice. Americans who have been to Japan and tried it mostly say, “It’s addictive!”

Kalé Rice with Beef
Kalé Rice with Beef – The Definition
Signature Spoon by Sori Yanagi

Other interesting facts:

  • Every family has its own recipe.
  • People always eat the dish with spoons, not forks.
  • They started as meals for wealthy, but anyone has access now.
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What Others Are Saying!

Come find out for yourself

Kalé is spot on to what I had in Japan

I first had Japanese curry when I visited Japan in 2019, and totally fell in love with it. It is very different from Thai or Indian curry. Kalé is spot on to what I had in Japan, it is very silky and delicious, just slightly sweet. The chicken katsu is really moist and the brown rice was tender. Love the radish pickles. Definitely recommend!

~ Michal Pitten

Very deep flavor, yet not too heavy

“Excellent curry with Fukujin-zuke on a side (my fav). Very deep flavor, yet not too heavy; my beef was so soft that melts in mouth. Not spicy by any means, but I’m sure you can make it hotter if you’d like. I’ve taken home and still warm & just as good. Leftover with udon noodle, made another meal”

~ Keiko Azuma

“Keep doing what you do Kale, I love it”

“I always love going here. When you walk through the door the aroma of the curry warms your soul. This matched with the great taste makes my day every time. It is so different from any other curry, so if your a curry lover, you’ll love it, but if you hate curry like my wife, you will still love this curry. Even options for the meat free people in the Portland area. Keep doing what you do Kale, I love it.”

~ Brian Taylor